The Indomitable Spirit

All Those Who Wander

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien

One of the many things about quality of life in Colorado is that Divine Creation (whether viewed from a creationist, evolutionist, or that of an intelligent design standpoint) is ever-present around those who come here. John Denver wrote in his acclaimed tribute to Divine Providence, which continues to be blasted through the modernized sound systems before the most steadfast and loyal citizenry of Coors Field and Mile-High Stadium…

“Now he walks in quiet solitude the forest and the streams
Seeking grace in every step he takes
His sight has turned inside himself to try and understand
The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake…”

In one of his lesser known yet always popular classics, he testifies unabashedly that “There’s a Spirit inside me that guides me”, and then, of course, there was the inspiration of a New England school teacher who gave us America the Beautiful from the summit of Pikes Peak as she was visiting as a summer term guest professor at Colorado College right here in the Springs…

I too have “a Spirit inside me that guides me” and I can’t help but to beam with undeniable certainty that there is and always has been a purpose here that’s greater than my own. I share the sentiment of the psalmist in his gratitude for all the amazing wonders so vividly displayed around me and I pay homage daily for the freedom to wander and explore this blessed habitat “for patriot dream” in the hunt and harvest with the backdrop of these majestic purple colored mountains…

I have recently heard of a backpacker couple who inquired of personnel on duty at Colorado Parks and Wildlife regarding the presence of bears in Rocky Mountain National Park, to which one replied, “All you need is a small bell on your pack and a can of pepper spray…” He went on to explain, “Grizzlies are no longer believed to exist here but you will encounter Black Bears…” The male of the valiant pair then asked if the Black Bear was to be of major concern, to which the knowledgeable attendant advised, “Always suspend your food rations above the ground, between the trees, and well out of reach… and NEVER FEED THE WILDLIFE or attempt to encroach on them or make physical contact in any way because even the small bears can outrun a human, they all have claws for shredding their prey, and they all have large, sharp, pointy teeth that will hurt you and cause you to bleed…” The rightfully concerned park visitors then implored, “So how do we know if we’re encroaching?” to which the witty park employee eagerly responded, “The smaller bears will leave fecal droppings that usually contain the undigestible remnants of seeds and stems of berries and the bones and furs of smaller game animals in the local habitat…” The increasingly worried couple then demanded, “What if there are larger bears in the area?” to which the now fully satisfied and marginally helpful wise-cracker exclaimed, “Their droppings will inevitably contain the thoroughly chewed, yet indigestible materials from small bells and they always smell like pepper!”

And so, there’s a Spirit that guides me along right paths to abundant green pastures and quiet rippling streams, and with the refreshment to my soul, I lack nothing,,, Even in the wild and secluded deep mountain valleys I know the comfort that this Spirit brings to me. It allows me to enjoy the nourishment of my sustenance while in the constant observation of the several species of these large predators around me. I’m blessed beyond imaginable comprehension by these Divine Gifts of Nature! The quality of Life Abundant remains with me and I will remain in it’s blessings for as long as life itself endures. Psalm 23



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